十個實用的英文日常對話片語 10 Useful Day-To-Day Phrases

十個實用的英文日常對話片語 10 Useful Day-To-Day Phrases

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十個實用的英文日常對話片語 10 Useful Day-To-Day Phrases

今天要跟你來聊一下老外日常口語常用的片語,Scott 老師(加拿大籍)說以下十個都是非常常用的唷!下次你如果加入外國人聊天的行列大概十次會有九次聽到下面幾個片語 :)

第一個我們來談到 Hang out , hang out這個字真的是很口語也很常用。點這裡可以看劍橋字典的解釋

1. hang out 外出玩耍/與…出去; 掛/晾 (informal 非正式用語)

A.第一種意思 外出玩耍/與…出去 hang out (with 某人)

B.第二種意思 掛/晾  hang out 某物 舉例:Tom hung(過去式) his laundry out in the yard to dry .湯姆把衣服掛在院子裡晾乾。

Part of the difficulty is that HANG OUT isn’t easily or concisely translated into other languages because its meaning is very dynamic and it really depends on the English speaking socio-cultural context. 其實 hangout 這個字不是太好翻譯,因為它是比較適情況而定的字,算是比較動態的字,所以取決於上下文的內容來定義 hang out 的字意。另外 hang out 跟 hang around 都有「跟某人再一起打發時間的意思」,但是 hang around 比較帶有無所事事、鬼混的感覺,hang out 則比較像是待在某地方跟朋友一起度過某段休閒時間,像是咖啡廳拉、公園、商店等等。

這邊有日常的用法 Real Life Examples

  • Do you wanna hang out this weekend? (do something together socially)


  • I’m just gonna hang out at home tonight (relax by myself)


  • I used to hang out a lot at that park when I was a kid. (to frequent a place)

我小的時候常在公園裡玩。<- 形容常態性的活動或地方

  • Can you just hang out for a second while I get ready? (wait in a relaxed way)


  • Google has used this term as a noun to for its video chat with hangouts (n)

Google 把hangout這個詞來來當作影片通訊功能的名稱。

  • I’m tired of spending my time at Starbucks (cafe). I need a new hangout. (n)


2. cut in 插話/打斷/插隊 (cut off 阻擋/被超車)


A. 用在說話的情境時,cut in 可以用作插話的意思 to interrupt what someone is saying by saying something yourself,但是Scott說大部分的人如果覺得說話被打斷還是會用 interrupt 這個詞來說比較多。

B. 開車情境,to make a sudden sideways movement in order to position your car in front of another car, not leaving a safe distance between the two vehicles 想像自己開車突然換線,搶進別線鄰近車子的前面,而且沒有保持安全距離。

C. 排隊情境,被插隊 , 同時也可以用 Butt in ( interrupt or intrude on a conversation or activity.)打斷別人正在做的事情或是對話


這邊我查詢了一下 Cut in 跟 Cut off 的用法,一樣都是打斷但是如果要細說用法有點不一樣。  Cut in 是打斷但是不是完全地打斷。cut off是不只打斷而已還不管別人繼續打斷下去,而且還迫使別人必須停止正在做的事情。

以下是一位老外的解釋,歡迎留言討論你對 Cut in 跟 Cut off 的想法。

“Cut in” means to interrupt, but not to stop. “As Steve was explaining, Anna cut in to ask another question.” This means that Anna interrupted in order to ask more information. “When Prince Charming saw Cinderella dancing with another man, he cut in” means that the Prince stepped in between Cinderella and the other man, and began dancing with her.

“Cut off” also means to interrupt, to stop someone from doing or saying something. “Lulu didn’t like what Steve was saying, so she cut him off” means that Lulu stopped Steve from talking.

C. 另外一種是用在跳舞的情境,old-fashioned(各位可以知道咱們的Scott老師年紀不輕 XD 因為這是比較舊式的用法) to interrupt two people who are dancing in order to dance with one of them 跳舞的時候亂入一對正在跳舞的人,問說可不可以插隊一下(有點白目 哈哈)。

3. get it on 準備開始/上場吧!/ 做愛做的事*(18🈲️)

get it on 是用作動詞,北美俚語中代表做愛做的事。

A. To have sex. 從事性行為

I can see the sparks between us. Let’s get it on, baby!


可以參考 Marvin Gaye 的一首歌 Lets get it on 🙂

B. To engage in a fight. 參加打鬥或是比武。

You want a piece of me? OK, let’s get it on!.

C. (idiomatic 慣用語) To hurry up; to get a move on. 趕快/趕緊動起來!加緊腳步

I need to get it on: there’s not much time left.


4. make out 開立/填寫文件 ; 接吻 💋😘 💋

A. make progress; fare. 發熱中/發燙中
例句:how are you making out, now that the summer’s over?

B. engage in sexual activity. 從事與性相關的行為(北美 非正式用語 informal)
例句:teenagers were making out on the couch

同義字:make love, have sex, have sexual intercourse; kiss and cuddle,French kiss, engage in heavy petting;spoon

延伸學習:*spooning 我跟我男朋友常常 Spooning ,什麼是姿勢是 Spooning呢?就是兩個人都側躺在沙發上後背對前胸抱在一起,想像把湯匙收在一起的樣子 🙂  我覺得這個字很可愛,也是我跟我男友最喜歡cuddle的姿勢唷,我們晚上睡覺時也是用這個姿勢睡覺呢(羞) 。 
Spooning到底長怎樣呢?下面是Spooning的圖片 🙂 
哈哈!下面這張也太可愛了吧 😀

C. to deal with a situation, usually in a successful way: 成功地解決情勢。
例句:How is Frances making out in her new job?
Frances 是怎麼搞定它新的工作的?

D. 開立 ;填寫 (文件 、支票等等)

例句:Can you make out a check to me for the money you owe me ?

5. catch up 趕上/追上;敘舊/聊聊

A. 趕上/追上某人的速度或是進度 to reach the same quality or standardas someone or something else:
例句:He was off school for a while and is finding it hard to catch up.

B. to do something you did not have timeto do earlier: 做一些你之前沒有時間去做的事情
例句:She’s staying late at the office to catch up with/on some reports.

來看一下 Scott 說到的  Pulp Fiction【黑色追緝令】裡頭的 Ketchup 笑話  XD

6. break up 破裂/分手/打破情勢


A. 在一段關係中使用時,(婚姻)破裂;離婚;分手
If a marriage breaks up or two peoplein a romantic relationship break up, theirmarriage or their relationship ends.

例句:Jenny and George have broken up.

B. (英式用法) (學校)放假,指學校或是學院裡的學生以及老師停止到學校,例如像是學期結束 假期開始了。
When schools and colleges, or the teachers and students who go to them break up, their classes stop and the holidays start .

例句:We broke up for the holidays in June.

C. (通話中使用)聽不清,聲音斷斷續續
如果某人在電話中聲音斷斷續續,或是聲音聽不清楚,訊號很差時。If someone who is talking on a mobilephone is breaking up, their voice can no longer be heard clearly.

例句:Your voice is breaking up.

當名詞Noun 使用時,break-up 可用做
A. 分解;解體
a gradual division into smaller pieces

the coming to an end of a business or personal relationship, caused by the separation of those involved
例句:The break-up of the pop group came as no surprise.

7. bring it on 放馬過來吧!/你出招吧/使出你的看家本領 / 端上來吧

電影「魅力四色」的英文名字就是 Bring it on 還記得這部2000年的電影嗎?來回顧一下吧

這個片語,它中文的意思就是「你出招吧!」或是「放馬過來吧!」、或「把你的看家本領使出來吧!」,言下之義是沒把對手看在眼裡。這句話可以用在幽默的情境,例如對方是你要好的朋友、親戚等,但也可用在挑釁不熟的人來場「武力解決」。據說bring it on的說法來自拳擊比賽,拳擊手會說”bring him on”,意思是接受對手的挑戰。相同類似的說法還有Bring it!(出招吧!)、Bring them on!(放馬過來!),以及Bring your stuff!(亮出你的傢伙吧!),你也可以把 Bring it on 想成  “show me what you’ve got.” 的感覺,有點像是我們中文說「給我看你葫蘆你賣什麼藥」的意思,多半都有挑釁意味,但在朋友與朋友之間也可以用作「來吧」「上吧」的意思。


8. put on 安排/上演; 穿戴; 增加; 上妝

當phrasal verb 動詞片語

A. 穿戴;上妝
當你在你的身體上穿上衣服或是上妝時就可用put on

When you put on clothing or make-up, you place it on your body in order to wear it.
例句:She put on her coat and went out.
B. 當人們上演一場秀 或是服務或是表演、安排某事的時候
When people put on a show, exhibition, or service, they perform it or organize it.
C. 增重
如果某人增加體重的話,他們會變得更重。If someone puts on weight, they become heavier.
例句:I can eat what I want but I never put on weight.
If you put on a way of behaving, you behave in a way that is not natural to you or that does not express your real feelings.
例句:Stop putting on an act and be yourself.

9. stop at nothing 不擇手段/不顧一切

If you stop at nothing to achieve something, you are willing to do anything in order to achieve it, even if it involves danger, great effort, or harming other people
例句:She’ll stop at nothing to get her revenge.

2014年有一部關於腳踏車的紀錄片(台灣好像沒上映) 就叫做 stop at nothing,來看看他的預告吧!想看完整紀錄片的人可以「點我觀看」


10. knock off (call it a day)假貨/偷竊; 收工下班/停止工作

當名詞使用時 為假貨/偷竊;

一個比正品便宜的仿冒貨,一個廉價的仿冒流行品  a copy that sells for less than the original, a cheap copy of a popular product
例句:Is that the real thing or a knock-off?

當動詞片語使用時 為收工下班的意思 ,停止工作或放下手邊的事情 to stop working or doing something:

例句:If I get this report finished I’ll knock off early.


以上就是這次介紹的十個片語,希望你會喜歡。我們下次見喇 🙂


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